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Step It Up This School Year with CHI Footwear

Step It Up This School Year with CHI Footwear

This year, we’re done sacrificing comfort for style! Find your ideal blend of both with CHI Footwear’s selection of graphene sneakers and ceramic flats. Made with antimicrobial materials, comfortable insoles made of either ceramic or graphene, hand-stitched embroidery, and Italian leather exteriors our flats, mules, sandals and sneakers come in a wide variety of styles, so no matter what aesthetic you’re rocking, you’re guaranteed to find the right shoe for you. Check out some of our Back to School faves here!

Marine Eye Slipper

Made with a hand-embroidered design of the classic Nazar eye, symbolizing good luck and protection, these flats are the perfect addition to your shoe arsenal.

Women’s Supernova Graphene Sneaker

A classic white sneaker will always be a wardrobe staple. Our Supernova Graphene Sneaker is made with graphene insoles for comfort, even if your studies take you across campus and back again several times a day.

Love You Slipper

Wear your heart on your—shoes? Yes! With these fun, feminine flats you can let your individuality shine without sacrificing comfort. Made for people on the go, these flats can take you from homeroom to after school practice in both comfort and style.

Summer Mule

Savor the last summer sun with the Summer Mule! With an easy, slip-on style and a breezy white look, you can imagine you’re in Mykonos no matter where you are.

Men’s Onyx Graphene Sneaker

Keep a low profile in these sweet black sneaks! The Men’s Onyx Graphene Sneaker is made with graphene insoles and Italian leather, in a sleek black style that goes with any outfit.

Cream Sandal

Look sassy in snake print with the Cream Sandal! Made for comfort and cutting-edge style, these ceramic sandals are made with antimicrobial materials and a slight platform to give you comfort and just a little bit of height.

Kick It with Style This Father’s Day with CHI Footwear Faves

Kick It with Style This Father’s Day with CHI Footwear Faves

Dads put in the work every day, giving their time and effort so their families can have the best lives possible. Give all the best back to him this Father’s Day with kicks that combine the best of comfort and style: the Graphene collection by CHI Footwear. Not only are these sneaks podiatrist-recommended for comfort and odor protection, they’re made with the finest Italian leather in sleek, classic styles that will have your dad looking fly and feeling good, whether he’s on his feet or kicking back, like he deserves.  Check out these Father’s Day footwear deals, now 30% off sitewide!

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White Legend

He’s the man, the myth, now give him the Legend. This classic, all-white sneaker offers a clean look and a comfortable interior. Made with graphene, the strongest material known to man, these shoes help evenly distribute weight and may help to relieve back pain and pressure.

1001 Nights

These sleek, all-black shoes offer a low-profile look that goes with any style. Breathable and comfortable, with the best of graphene technology, they also regulate body temperature, so he can keep cool when it’s hot out.


With its sporty, black and white design, the Ionic Graphene Sneaker by CHI Footwear will go with anything from sport suits to his favorite jersey. And with graphene insoles, no matter what he’s doing, he can be comfortable on his feet.

Foam Insoles - Bottom View

Graphene High Tech Insoles for Men

Does your dad have his own unique style? Maybe a pair of dress shoes he can’t bear to throw out? Get the best of both worlds and upgrade them with CHI Footwear Graphene High Tech Foam Insoles. Make our graphene technology yours and let him experience the benefits of added arch support, temperature regulation, odor elimination, and acupressure point massage in whatever shoes he wants.

Benefits of CHI Footwear Graphene Sneakers

The Shoes You Never Knew you Needed And They Are Antibacterial!

The Shoes You Never Knew you Needed And They Are Antibacterial!

The variety of shoes that are made by CHI are special because they are designed to support all occupations and to prevent your feet from any odor and germs.

Have you Heard of Graphene?

The CHI brand has incorporated fine Italian leather and graphene technology within the shoe so that it is durable and multifunctional. Available for both men and women, this shoe is designed to last 2x longer than any regular sneaker and is available in different colors.

Treat Your Soul with the Perfect Insole

Another unique feature that CHI Footwear consists of are materials made to care for acupoints. It is important to take care of acupoints because they have the power to provide you with energy and improve circulation. By integrating high tech foam and graphene in the insole, CHI can help eliminate foot fatigue. To ensure our consumers with a quality experience, we provide each pair of shoes with a pair of insoles!

Why Ceramic?

In each pair of shoes, we made sure to incorporate ceramic technology as well because those properties are able to kill harmful bacteria with antifungal properties, they are water resistant, anti-slip and they reduce muscle fatigue. What makes our ceramic material special is that it was inspired by CHI and NASA. We make sure to take care of the CHI Footwear shoes by individually spraying each sole with a ceramic coating.

To learn more information about any of the featured materials or CHI footwear, visit!

Wrap Up Happiness with CHI Footwear x CHI Holiday

Wrap Up Happiness with CHI Footwear x CHI Holiday

Spread holiday cheer to your loved ones this year. We’ve rounded up the best CHI Footwear x CHI holiday bundles to help you make your list and check it twice this season. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a significant other, family or friend, these CHI Footwear x CHI holiday bundles are guaranteed to please, and help you take the guesswork out of gift giving this year.

CHI Footwear Graphene Men x CHI Man Holiday Bundle

 We’ve got the ultimate gift for your uncle, brother, and dear old dad — lest we not forget your significant other. Bless all of the men in your life with a pleasant surprise they’ll actually use.


What’s Included:

  • 1 pair of CHI Footwear Graphene Men’s Sneakers
  • 12 oz. CHI Man The One 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash
  • 6 oz. CHI Man In Fine Form Natural Hold Gel
  • 6 oz. The Finisher Grooming Spray

CHI Footwear Graphene Women x CHI Spin N Curl

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to show your loved ones you care. Lucky for you, we’ve curated an extra special set of CHI Footwear and CHI Hair Care to wow the leading ladies in your life. A crown full of curls and the most stylish sneakers are just one present away.


What’s Included:

  • 1 pair of CHI Footwear Graphene Women’s Sneakers
  • 1 CHI Spin N Curl

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CHI Footwear and Farouk Systems, Inc. Launch World’s Toughest Shoes Made with Graphene

CHI Footwear and Farouk Systems, Inc. Launch World’s Toughest Shoes Made with Graphene

A Houston-based brand known as CHI Footwear has teamed up with Farouk Systems, Inc., a haircare giant lauded for innovation, to launch a cutting-edge shoe collection made with graphene – a revolutionary material considered to be the strongest in the world.

Graphene is a razor-thin honeycomb sheet of carbon atoms that is 200 times stronger than steel, but extremely lightweight. o The new 15-piece CHI Footwear collection — available in women’s and men’s sizes — incorporates this wonder material, which makes the shoes 50 percent stronger, more flexible and harder wearing than your average pair of casual wear sneakers.
Crafted from heel-to-toe with other carefully selected materials like phantom microfiber, cow leather, premium foam, cowhide, graphene antibacterial fabric, and elastic rubber, the CHI Footwear shoe series is at the forefront of design, technology and overall comfort.

“Choosing fine materials was key to bringing quality and comfort to our customers,” said Joan Orozco, CHI Footwear Co-Founder and Executive Brand Designer.

Since feet and shoes are particularly at risk of germ exposure through contact with dirty or contaminated surfaces, the CHI Footwear brand took action, as the world grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic, by doubling down on design and health features to help mitigate the virus’ impact.

“Given the rapidly evolving coronavirus crisis, […] we learned we could start making changes by protecting our feet,” said Cindy Orozco, CHI Footwear Sales Director. “[…] We focused on the health and safety of our customers during this uncertain time.”

Inspired by the Eye of Horus, an ancient Egyptian symbol that has its roots in healing and protection, CHI Footwear implemented the latest technology to ensure that consumers did not need to compromise on style or safety. Through intensive research, a variety of prototypes and testing, the brand developed a next-gen shoe design that protects consumers from a host of foot problems including bacteria, poor circulation, sweat, odor and foot fatigue. Take a look at all the features below.

Designed with highly premium materials for extended durability.

Features antibacterial properties to ensure that feet stay fresh.

Provides a wider range of movement while on-the-go.

Offers superior breathability to give feet much needed ventilation.

Incorporates an active temperature control system when commuting.

Wards off pesky odors for dry and stench-free feet.

CHI Footwear and Farouk Systems, Inc. share common interests in innovation and technology. By combining knowledge and technical know-how, the companies look to revolutionize the footwear market.

“Product innovation is a priority and driving force,” said Dr. Farouk Shami, Chairman and Founder of Farouk Systems, Inc. and CHI Footwear. “We believe these cutting-edge shoes will have an impact in the footwear industry.”

The CHI Footwear collection with graphene, which comes in a variety of attractive color combinations, is available to order on, and on Amazon.


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