Dr. Alan Ettinger, DPM Endorses CHI Footwear | Sneakers, Sandals, Mules

Iconic haircare brand CHI expands focus from head to toe, working with a top doctor of podiatric medicine to showcase the foot health benefits of CHI’s Graphene Sneakers

Houston, TX – Farouk Shami, Chairman of Farouk Systems Inc., announces a new endorsement with Dr. Alan Ettinger, DPM. As a Board-Certified Member of American Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Ettinger will be CHI Footwear’s top medical resource, exploring the numerous foot health benefits offered by CHI’s Graphene Sneaker Collection.

“When we think about our health, we often consider the foods we eat, the water we drink and the exercise we do for our bodies. But do we ever stop to think about foot health and how this impacts our overall well-being?” explains Dr. Alan Ettinger. “This is why preventative footwear is more important today than ever. The right shoes are key in fighting bacterial and viral infections, fungal growth, possible wounds or further complications.”

As a result, a first line of defense to preventing foot conditions like this is through the material in the shoes we wear daily (leather vs man-made). Through intensive research, testing and a variety of prototypes, CHI Footwear developed a next-gen sneaker design that protects consumers from a host of foot problems including bacteria, poor circulation, sweat, odor and foot fatigue – all thanks to the line’s Graphene Technology. Considered to be the strongest material in the world, graphene is a razor-thin honeycomb sheet of carbon atoms that is 200 times stronger than steel, but extremely lightweight.

In particular, CHI Footwear’s Graphene Sneakers and Inserts:

  • Help to kill germs by breaking down the cellular walls of bacteria, fungus, yeast and certain types of viruses.
  • Prevent odors
  • Provide relief for plantar fasciitis – one of the most common causes of heel pain
  • Provide stability and balance
  • Regulate body temperature for optimal comfort and support
  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Encourage you to stand and walk properly which may correct posture over time
  • May provide a heathy option for diabetic footwear
  • Feature insoles with acupoints to help massage the foot while walking, providing energy and good circulation while fighting fatigue
  • Acupoints create a variety of beneficial effects on the body, as well as benefit people with hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia.
  • They also prevent blood from pooling in your feet. This reduces inflammation, and combats other symptoms caused by poor blood circulation.

Available in women’s and men’s sizes, this 15-piece sneaker collection implements this technology to ensure consumers do not need to compromise on comfort or style. The Collection comes in a variety of attractive color combinations with many of the designs inspired by the Eye of Horus, an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, good health and energy.

Price: $269 each from https://chifootwear.com/our-materials/ or https://chi.com/chi-footwear/#shop (chi.com is connected to rewardStyle, Skimlinks and Viglink)

Style, Comfort, and Technology all in one.

For more information, please visit www.chifootwear.com

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