Ceramic Sandals, Mules, and Slip-On - CHI Footwear


The CHI Footwear Ceramic line includes Mules, women’s Sandals, men’s sandals, and Slip-ons. CHI Footwear uses ceramic technology in every insole. This technology was inspired by CHI and Nasa, to create an antibacterial insole while providing comfort in every step.
The insoles are carefully hand sprayed with a special combination of ceramic. This process makes CHI Footwear’s insole antibacterial, water resistant, and anti-slip. Also, helps kill harmful bacteria with antifungal properties and reduces muscle fatigue. Other benefits are helps regulates body temperature and promotes blood circulation.
The insoles are used in all sandals, mules, and slip-ons, which are all hand made.
Our Ceramic Shoes are made with the following guidelines: Handmade, antibacterial, water resistant, carefully selected 100% leather, velvet fabric, hand crafted embroidery, and leather lining.

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