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Men's Sneakers

Men’s Sneakers – CHI Footwear. The CHI Footwear Men’s Graphene Snickers are the next wave of smart clothing. BENEFITS OF GRAPHENE SNEAKERS MADE WITH ITALIAN FINE LEATHER: Weightless, durable eco-friendly material. GRAPHENE FABRIC: Eliminates foot odor, helps blood circulation, reduces muscle fatigue and foot temperature. HIGH-TECH FOAM ACUPOINT MASSAGING INSOLES: Graphene foam insoles with massage acupressure points that increase blood circulation and reduces muscle fatigue. Provides stability and balance. Helps lessen and prevent foot pain. Massages the foot while you walk, giving you more energy. ANTIBACTERIAL properties of graphene help kill harmful, smelly bacteria. WATER RESISTANT & ANTI-SLIP rubber soles. Men’s Sneakers insoles – BENEFITS OF ACUPOINT MASSAGING INSOLE KNOW AS A NATURAL PAIN RELIEF: Made with High-Tech foam and inspired by reflexology and acupuncture practices. With every step, the Acupoint Massaging Insoles absorb shock and press against specific parts of the foot to relieve pain, prevent cramps, and ease tension throughout the entire body. BOOSTS BLOOD CIRCULATION: Helps blood circulate throughout the entire body. Prevents it from pooling in your feet, reduces inflammation, and combats other symptoms caused by poor blood circulation.

IMPROVES POSTURE: By reducing pain, the insoles actually encourage you to stand and walk properly; and can even correct your posture overtime!

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