The Shoes You Never Knew you Needed And They Are Antibacterial! - CHI Footwear

The variety of shoes that are made by CHI are special because they are designed to support all occupations and to prevent your feet from any odor and germs.

Have you Heard of Graphene?

The CHI brand has incorporated fine Italian leather and graphene technology within the shoe so that it is durable and multifunctional. Available for both men and women, this shoe is designed to last 2x longer than any regular sneaker and is available in different colors.

Treat Your Soul with the Perfect Insole

Another unique feature that CHI Footwear consists of are materials made to care for acupoints. It is important to take care of acupoints because they have the power to provide you with energy and improve circulation. By integrating high tech foam and graphene in the insole, CHI can help eliminate foot fatigue. To ensure our consumers with a quality experience, we provide each pair of shoes with a pair of insoles!

Why Ceramic?

In each pair of shoes, we made sure to incorporate ceramic technology as well because those properties are able to kill harmful bacteria with antifungal properties, they are water resistant, anti-slip and they reduce muscle fatigue. What makes our ceramic material special is that it was inspired by CHI and NASA. We make sure to take care of the CHI Footwear shoes by individually spraying each sole with a ceramic coating.

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